Chris Noth Tweeted Me

Like many women of my generation, I was a huge Sex and the City fan.  So much so that when I got a puppy in 2002 I named him Mr. Big.

Mr. Big

Adorable, right?

That isn’t really relevant to this story though.  Mostly I’m just telling you that part because I wanted to post a picture of my dog.

What is relevant to the story is that one night about a month ago I was IMing with my friend Vanessa North.  It’s possible we’d both been drinking a little and it’s possible that we were being sort of pervy.  And it’s possible that I said something lewd about Chris Noth, along with a comment that perhaps I shouldn’t have mixed alcohol with my muscle relaxant.  Because I thought my comment was so hilarious, I decided to tweet it, too.  And then I shut down twitter and started to do something else.  Something undoubtedly productive because my “golden hour” seems to be the middle of the night.  Whatever it was, it was going well until I got the following IM from V:

Chris Noth just tweeted at us

I scoffed.  Surely she was pulling my leg.  And I believe my response was something along the lines of, “Oh, stop it!  No he didn’t!” with an f-bomb between almost every one of those words.  After a few messages back and forth with V, I decided I was going to have to log back into Twitter and see what the dealio was.  I was all prepared to be filled with righteous indignation that she would ruthlessly punk me about such a serious topic.

And then I saw it.

This screencap is actually courtesy of V because I was far too twitterpated to accomplish it myself.

This screencap is actually courtesy of V because I was far too twitterpated to accomplish it myself.

Much squealing and giggling ensued.  I was more than a little embarrassed that Mr. Noth saw the pervy thing I said about his eyebrows but that was overshadowed by the fact he actually tweeted us.

Now that I’ve had some time to reflect on it a little I’m worried, though.  Maybe that was the pinnacle of my career on Twitter.  What if I’ve peaked too soon?  Where is there to go from here?  Why is Nathan Fillion ignoring me?  These are the things I think about when I should be writing.

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One comment on “Chris Noth Tweeted Me
  1. Vanessa says:

    I would never punk you. (Like that.) <3

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